Too Cool For School: Egg Mousse Soap

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South Korean skincare is some of the most interesting out there. A+ for good products in adorable packaging.

A whipped egg white mousse cleanser infused with egg yolk extract that gently hydrates, purifies, and replenishes your skin.
At almost £18 this is the longest lasting facial cleanser I have used in my life. I got it as a birthday gift in June and it's lasted me all the way to January - that's a timespan of almost 7 months. There's only been a handful of days where I haven't used it, and at the end there I really used a non-sparing amount (there's another cleanser in my bathroom waiting for me).

This mousse-y cleanser promises to gently hydrate and purify the skin. Does it hold its promises? It's cleanser, I'll have to give it that, but I would say it's a little bit rougher than "gently purifying". The skin doesn't necessarily feel dry, but for people with very dehydrated and/or dry skin, it might leave it feeling a bit tight.

The timespan of this product it borderline ridiculous, but you really only need a tiny bit! It's a foam-y mousse, so if you spritz out a bit and leave it to breathe it'll definitely deflate, but it's great as an everyday cleanser or for when you've used a bit of make-up. For those heavier make-up days I pre-cleanse with a balm.

Impressive durability!

Biotherm: Aquasource Cocoon

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If you have dehydrated combo skin (just like me), you'll know the struggles of finding the perfect moisturiser. They're either too greasy or not moisturising enough. I came upon this moisturiser by chance as my mother had ordered a YSL tint-in-oil for me and received a "tester". As a sorry-we-fucked-up, they sent back the right product along with a bunch of samples.

Aquasource Cocoon provides the extra nourishment and protection skin needs to survive winter, all with the 48-hour1 deep hydration of Aquasource. Skin is instantly nourished, hydrated and protected. As if wrapped in a caring, silky veil all day-long.
This £35 moisturiser is a mid/high price moisturiser that claims to deeply hydrate the skin for up to 48 hours. I've never not washed my face for that long, but I can assure that the hydration lasts me through a long day of uni (or work) without leaving my face looking like a greasy mess - or tight from dryness for that matter. If it's a particularly hot day my nose might get a little sweaty, but one wipe and that's about it.

Do I wish that the product was cheaper? Hell yes. I wish I had skin that could take those £5 products, but alas I have acne and sensitive skin. Is it good? Definitely. I've tried several different moisturiser during the past 1.5 years and this has stayed my favourite one to date.

Always on the hunt for beautiful skin.

Marc Anthony: Oil of Morocco Shampoo & Conditioner

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Since I'm always on the hunt for good haircare products (don't touch my haaair), I find myself frequently trying to switch out the ones I use whenever I get through them since I haven't really found a holy grail product.
Roughly £11
Cleanse your way to stronger, shinier, healthier looking hair with this Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Shampoo by Marc Anthony.
Nourish, strengthen and infuse moisture into your hair with Oil Of Morocco Argan Oil Conditioner by Marc Anthony.
I got this as a Christmas gift after having seen it around the shops. I'm really into haircare that will moisturise since I have curly (synonymous with dry in my experience) hair. The product says that your hair will be stronger, shinier, healthier, nourished, and moisture infused after using it, but I honestly find it to be a little bit of a let-down.

Since it's argan I sort of expected it to have a sweeter scent, but it's actually kind of chemically and soapy. The shampoo is a bit too harsh (and doesn't lather properly), and the conditioner isn't moisturising enough.

There are cheaper options that work far better.

Where's my glass slipper?

Estelle & Thild: BIOCLEANSE Silky Soft Cleansing Milk

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Since I haven't found an amazing, magical, wonderful cleanser yet, I always try to switch up the brand when I go for a new one (they last pretty long, so it's not a frequent thing). My last attempt was from a Swedish brand known for its gentleness.

Roughly £16

Treat the skin with a silky smooth blend of nourishing organic ingredients. This comforting cleansing milk is developed to nourish dry skin while melting away makeup and impurities. The milky formula is infused with Black Elderflower to comfort and purify the skin.
I got this during winter time when I really started to dry up in the face, hoping that it would be sort of hydrating; however, this is a really thin and milky cleanser that isn't very powerful, and I don't particularly think that it's any good at removing make-up residue (whenever I wore make-up). It also has kind of a strange scent to it.

If you have really sensitive skin and don't use a lot of make-up this might be for you!

Like water.

Kalahari: Enzyme Face Buff

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I came upon this brand when I was away at a spa getting a facial (not the regular "rough" kind, more of a relaxing facial massage and pampering) - I wouldn't say that it's very well known. All of the products are quite aromatic and gentle.

About £25 - depending on where you get it.

A gentle, vegetable-based enzyme facial buff that removes unwanted dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin radiant, clean and refreshed.
This is super gentle - as in there's barely any effect at all (if any). The texture is a little bit gritty, but not enough to create a buff, and the product is extremely creamy and kind of leaves a residue on the skin. Honestly I feel like it doesn't do too much, but perhaps for people with extremely sensitive skin this would be a better alternative.

The lady at the spa did say that the procedure I had done (which was with all Kalahari products) isn't for the actual skin effect, but for relaxation.


Seoul, South Korea

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There were sales everywhere in Seoul, and it was honestly really hard to choose what to get - this is what I got + I bought a couple of stuff for my sister.

Korea was just too much