Curiosity Killed The Cat #1

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If I was a billionaire I would just go ahead and buy everything I wanted, but as that isn't the case I sometimes have to resort to just dreaming about what could have been! "Curiosity Killed The Cat" will by my name for the current wants (and "needs").

GlamGlow: tingling & exfoliating mud mask
I've heard so much about this, but of course, with every mountain peak there's a valley, so there are both good and bad things about it. I'm still very curious and would love to try it. Hey, who doesn't want "super sexy super radiant skin" in just 10 minutes?

Yves Saint Laurent: Touche Éclat
This seems to be a holy grail of some sort, even though it's been on the market for quite some time I still see it pop up here and there in various beauty magazines and similar forums. I'm so curious about it, not to mention that the packaging is divine!

theBalm: BalmBini Face Palette
Every time I look at one of their packagings I can't really decide if I like it or not. I'm most interested in the blushes and the oh-so-talked-about Mary-Lou Manizer (they should get an award for all of the product names).

Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Volupté
Let me just stop you right there - the packaging is enough for me to want it (not necessarily in that colour though).

MAC: Mineralized Skinfinish
If I could own everything without it taking up any space, I would, but even if I can't then this powder seems to be a product that many beauty gurus own/swear by/love.

Everything is so expensive here!

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