Empty Products #1

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I got this idea from Estée (one of my favourite bloggers right now), who usually post "empties videos" and I thought I would do the same thing with the bottles that I've emptied out lately - unfortunately I only have three that recently emptied out (that I can legitimately remember by name), two of which are going to be tossed once I get out the last bit of product.
Lumene: Pure Radiance Day Cream
This is an average day cream (and a night cream for lazy people) that smells nice, lasts long and isn't too heavy on the face. I actually think this is for maturer skin than mine and even though you shouldn't really jump start with anti-wrinkle creams too early this isn't one for wrinkles - it's for parched skin that need a bit of a boost and who doesn't need that?

SACHAJUAN: Intensive Hair Oil
A neatly (and heavily) scented hair oil that smooths my unruly curly hair and make it shiiiine without looking greasy. Once the scent has settled my hair smells really nice - beware though, some people find that it can smell like old man-fragrance on them. Contains argan and sea buckthorn oil.
KICKS  Skin Treat Pure Natural Oils Body Cream
KICKS: Skin Treat: Pure Natural Oils Body Cream
I wish that there was a magical lotion that my body absorbed with a lovely scent that faded when I wanted to put on a perfume. Unfortunately, while this one does have a really nice scent it's so hard to wok with and I hate standing around in the cold while trying to force the cream into my skin. Read the review here.

I don't even think I want to know how many products I go through a year, I think caring for the skin is so important!

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