Flaky nose demon

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(Unfortunately I'm having some quality issues)

I know, I know - Halloween is over - but I did a bunch of looks and I'd like to share with you three of them - this is a demon with a very flaky nose (I can't think of a better right now). To be honest it's a bit crummy in the right light, but imagine it in a darker room with gloomy light and it's like a horror story.

This was created with liquid latex and tissue. I don't have fake blood at home so I use a blood red gloss - the stuff is rather sticky and there's really no worry that it'll run as the day goes by.
I only used one layer of tissue here, it would have turned out a bit better and would have been a bit easier to blend if I would have taken another layer as foundation soaks the paper.

Simple things like this can easily turn out great - get creative - use it around your eye, your mouth, your cheek.

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