[Gift] H&M Lip Pencil and Lipstick

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A close friend of mine had a birthday yesterday and I was invited for a dinner with her family and friends and then going out (just the youths). Like many other youths I have a budget that isn't the most extravagant - but of course I got her a gift!

With a budget in mind I decided that I wanted something for her that I knew she would use and something that she didn't already have too much of - lipstick! I myself love lipstick and the last time I was at her place she told me that she only had one but that she loved the shade (and everyone needs a good red lipstick, there is a shade for all of us!)

My friend is blonde and I went on the hunt for shades that I knew she would look good in, I think the above shades are called "Million Dollar Smile" and "Up All Night". They're very similar in shades but do have one key difference - the pencil is sheer whereas the lipstick is opaque (I told her "this is for when you want to kiss someone, and this is for just looking plain fabulous").

Remember: If you're buying someone make-up it's important to think of what shade they'll look good in opposed to what shade you like.

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