South Asian Bindi

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On various blogs and whatnots I've seen a lot of beauties take on the bindi (or a maang tikka for that matter) as a part of their embellishment and go for either an eastern style or just a simple boho look. While I think that the bindi is a gorgeous addition to make-up I still find myself hesitating whether I should use it or not - traditionally it's worn by Hindu women in south Asia (often India) and religiously it represents the sixth chakra ("concealed wisdom" - thank you Wikipedia).
Bellydance Bindi - Antique Silver and Purple Velvet Swarovski Crystals - "Moonlight Pagoda Crystal"
Bindi by Natascha Ratzlaff
There are a lot of religious themes in fashion, and how could there not be? The world is and always has been filled by beliefs. However, I feel a bit guilty wearing a religious symbol when I know it represents so much more to a believer (that's why I can't bring myself to wear a cross). I actually thing it might be a thing that I'm not allowed to wear other religious symbols than that of my own (even though I'm not very involved in "my" religion).

I'm curious to know if anyone else has these moral issues with make-up.

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