IsaDora: Color Chock

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IsaDora is possibly one of my favourite drugstore make-up brands - its products are typically incredibly pigmented which many drugstore brands are unusually tight-fisted about.
IsaDora Lip Chock
"50 Diva Pink"
The gloss claims to be a gloss, a lipstick and a stain - which I think it is. This lipgloss is an intense pink that lasted me for about 4 or 5 hours the first time I applied it, it held up pretty well through my lip-smacking (I'm not that used to wearing gloss) and lunch. I reapplied it later that evening - through dinner and birthday celebration it was still an intense pink when I returned home about 6,5 hours later.

I stopped wearing gloss because of the constant reapplication as well as the stickiness of it (the latter of which this one does not escape) but it's still more like a glossy lipstick than anything else (and I love lipsticks). This colour is so pigmented that it would be very hard for me to wear it everyday (and for me to actually match it to anything without looking too strange). It's nevertheless a unique addition to my make-up storage.

A lipgloss is usually a no-no for me, but this one is definitely something above average.

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