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Oh my, do I love lipstick! There is something special about the scent of a lipstick, about the way it looks on healthy lips and the way it can just pull an entire look together. The lipstick you're about to read about is somewhat of a statement colour that I really like (packaging to the left, shade to the right).
KICKS  LipstickKICKS  Lipstick Black Caviar
I do like a dark lip, the lipstick I have is in the shade "Black Caviar" which is the darkest out of their range. It glides on smoothly and I use a lip brush to make sure everything is within the line (I really don't think you should go beyond your barriers of your lips, I've seen a lot of people try to maker their lips appear fuller by doing this which doesn't really look good).

The lipstick says to be long lasting and replenishing for the lips - it's supposed to be velvety, satiny smooth, easily applied and highly pigmented with a creamy formula. Personally I think most of the statements are true, except for the lasting bit (and like most lipsticks it's a little drying) - I find that it fades fairly quickly and might leave more of a crackled ombré look - the best way to prevent it is to use a lipliner but I still wouldn't call this a long lasting lipstick.

In GBP this lipstick is around £9, which I can think is a fairly high price for a lipstick that isn't especially long lasting. I'm sure you could get a similar shade from another brand (while browsing Boots I see that Revlon, Rimmel and Sleek have similar shades at a cheaper price).

Lipstick is a passion! While I do love a good high end lipstick I think cheaper lipsticks deserve their own special place.

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