KICKS Skin Treat - Pure Natural Oils Body Cream

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I'm a firm believer in that you need to take care of your skin, it's a vital (and the body's largest) organ, not only does pampering the skin make you look good, it also keeps your skin from drying out and can prevent things like eczema.
KICKS  Skin Treat Pure Natural Oils Body Cream
I'm currently using this body cream from KICKS, the cream is stamped with a Fairtrade logo which means that at least part of the substance is from a trade that makes sure the workers and producers get a just salary.

The cream contains protective olive oil, nourishing macadamia  oil, softening apricot kernel oil, moisturising Shea butter, mineral rich cocos extract and vanilla - a lot of these ingredients are seen in a lot of other creams, they're known for working well.

The pros are - well, for starters I really like the scent, and I think it's noticeable through the entire range of products (it might be the Shea and vanilla, so if you don't like them this will be a no-no). It feels nice and moisturising on the skin.

There's really only one con but it's a big one (at least for me) - this cream is way too thick, it's really hard to work into the skin and really requires some effort. Generally I prefer it when the lotion or cream just glides on and sinks in but this is not the one for that. Even though it's a cream, which tends to be thicker, it's so hard to work with unless you find a way to heat it up. It's really a shame because it's got such a nice scent.

KICKS is a Nordic beauty supplier and brand, and I'm unsure if you can get their products outside of the region)

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