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Concealer is a heavy duty product for me and it's definitely not something I wear every day. I don't have any redness to cover on my face but I do have acne scars and pigmentation that I wish would just go away forever - so for special occasions (or dance recitals) I pull out any and all concealers and start to cover up!
Today I'm here to tell you about the Easy Cover concealer from Make Up Store in the colour "Lapsang". I've had it for quite some time and I do get a bit of use out of it every now and then. This concealer is said to contain vitamin E and has a thin and creamy texture which is suitable for dry skin. It is highly pigmented and also promises to neutralise (especially blue areas with the orange pigment within it) and as a bonus it can be used as a primer on the eyelids. Best used with a brush.

This is the concealer I use to cover up - acne, scars, occasional redness - you name it. It's actually quite thick and can be built up without slipping around which is a great thing about it, but this is also the reason as to why I'd say that it isn't suitable for dry skin - while it's not too thick I wouldn't call this a "thin" concealer (I definitely wouldn't use this underneath my eyes), therefore it could easily end up enhancing dry parties. Used very sparsely on the upper eyelid it might work - I haven't tried it though. I use this with my fingers instead of a brush as I think it applies easier with the warmth of my fingers.

I used a store clerk to find my shade, which I regret because coming out of the boutique it wasn't actually my exact shade, though it is the one closest to it. In photography this concealer can come of as a lot paler, but I easily fix that by using it underneath my foundation instead.

For a 4,5 g little can of concealer it's quite pricey at £14, while I like the packaging the lid broke quickly (major minus).

This has a fairly good range and cover fair to dark people, though for people like me who have quite a tricky tone to match I'd say it's best to use it underneath your foundation.

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