My beef with Gold

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I have a love-hate relationship with gold - on one hand I like how it looks, but on the other I don't! I really dislike large golden jewellery (and engagement rings), but small details of gold - so pretty!

All in all there's maybe one necklace in gold that I use and that I got as a child - it's my zodiac sign. I have another heart necklace at home that I've had for many years that I might start using (and I'm fairly certain that I had another astral sign-necklace but that I can't for the life of me find).

I think the reason as to why I don't really like seeing gold is because I think a lot of people overdo it - gold is quite bold (rhyming to the max) and can easily overpower and make things too harsh for the eye - whereas small things, a beautiful pair of earrings or a golden make-up, looks elegant.

Maybe I should just start wearing platinum?

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