My Brushes: Eye shadow

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Like a lot of other people with a slight obsession with make-up I have my fair share of brushes, in total about 18 more or less (probably more). A portion of these are used with eye shadow (or are meant to be used with eye shadows) and here are the 7 brushes I use (+ 1 smudger that I forgot).

1. I actually lack a lot of eye brushes, but this is perhaps the most basic and generic of all the ones that I have. I use this for applying a large amount of eye shadow, the crease or sometimes for blending. It's an oldie but a goodie.

2. A small brush that is perfect for the inner eye corner or for smudging out an eyeliner, I wouldn't use this as brush for large areas though because it's way too small for that.

3. There are two brushes under this one because they're the same, this is a dual-end brush and I think it's for a smoky eye even if I don't use it as such. The one that's blackened at the end I use for filling in my eyebrows (although I don't really need to) and the other one I switch up depending on what I'm doing, sometimes I use it for the eyes and sometimes I use it for the face.

4. Two of the same type of brush, they're about average sized and firm - I use these for eyelid primers since I have a palette (and for the Color Tattoo). I see a lot of people use larger or fluffier brushes but I think these ones are just fine, they could possibly be used for concealer but I think they might be a bit too firm for that.

5. The eyeliner brush, I use this one to achieve a colourful eyeliner with eye shadow, you can get a bold line by wetting the brush first and then dipping it into the eye shadow.

6. A firm sponge-smudger brush that I forgot to include, I don't use it all that much but when I do it's generally for... well - smudging.

There are a lot of brushes that I lack, but that I would love to get my hands on - for example, everyone needs a good fluffy brush. Hopefully I'll be able to expand my collection.

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