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I did an input on my eye shadow brushes, so I thought it would make sense to make one on the brushes for my face and skin. I love looking at beautiful and soft brushes, but of course - they actually cost money. It's not often that I buy a new brush, but my latest addition was when I was in London.

1. Studio Stipple Brush from ELF
I hate this brush, it's much too flimsy for a stippling brush and doesn't cover very well. On ELF's page it says that it's "perfect" for foundation but I couldn't disagree more. I think everyone should have a stippling brush in their make-up collection to achieve a sheer cover but this definitely isn't it! Since I hate waste I use it for a sheer cover of bronzer instead.

2. Flat powder brush from Åhléns
I can't decide what to use this brush for - sometimes I use it with a liquid foundation, or to blend out a stick foundation. Before I got a contour brush I used it for contouring but of course it's a bit too big for hat. This is a brush that I really like to have around.

3. Pointed foundation brush from Åhléns
The foundation of all foundation brushes - it's a soft haired firm brush that works really well for putting on liquid foundation, since it's not too flimsy it's perfect for using with full coverage foundations that might be hard to work with. I've had this for years and the handle has fallen off, but I just glued it back on again.

4. Powder brush from Yves Rocher
Since I don't really use powder products for the face I don't get a lot of use out of this one, but whenever I do a full coverage face I'll dip it in some powder foundation to set (really I should get a good finishing powder instead, I'll look into it).

Real Techniques Core Collection
5.  Contour brush
This is my favourite brush right now! I use Face Form from Sleek and this brush is the perfect size to sculpt out the large areas of the face, such as the cheeks and the temples. There's not a lot that I can say, but state the obvious fact that I love it.

6. Pointed Foundation brush
"What on Earth are you doing with two foundation brushes?" I could ask the same thing but this is quite a bit smaller so I've decided to use this for large highlights and/or to perfect the skin.

7.  Detailer brush
According to the description of the Core Collection this can be used for either lips or concealer, since I already have a lip brush I've decided to use this for concealer - I have a habit of using my fingers sometimes, but I want to get into using a brush.

8. Buffing brush
Again, I don't have any powder products for the face right now and I have enough brushes for foundation - so I'm waiting until I get a finishing powder to use it, though I might start using it with the mineral foundation I have at home. All in all these brushes are fairly new and they haven't really settled into my collection yet.

And, finally, the brush I forgot to include
9. The Kabuki brush from H&M. At least I think it's from H&M. It's an average compact domed kabuki brush that I don't use very often since I don't use a lot of powder products for my face, though I love the feel of it. Compact and soft!

I guess I can never have too many face brushes.

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