My favourite daytime scent

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I hate not smelling fresh and/or nice and I often give myself a spritz of some sort. Right now I have two perfumes standing on my shelf that I use regularly (and one tiny sample bottle of LancĂ´me's La Vie est Belle that I love, love, love!), so now I present to you: my favourite daytime scent.
Escada comes out with a new (limited edition?) scent every summer, 2011 it was Taj Sunset with a sweet scent (I'm a loon for sweet scents) and 2012 it was Cherry in the Air which I picked up at the airport on my way back from London (it was a mere £28 for a 50 ml bottle which would have been a lot pricer here - at least £41 for a 30 ml).

This is my everyday scent because it's light and sweet but not too sweet and overpowering, I can wear it to any outfit and it won't clash with it. I spritz it on my neck and on my wrists and then I head out the door - I've used it on a shawl before because after all this is an EdT.

Unlike many other perfumes I don't think this perfume smells like rubbing alcohol straight out of the bottle and it settles beautifully on my skin. Not to mention that I like the simple bottle and the cute little bow on it (that can double up as a ring).

Perfumes are very individual, it will smell like one thing in the bottle and like another on the skin and of course it will vary from person to person so make sure you try it on so you know if you like all aspects of it.

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