My favourite evening scent

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I did the My favourite daytime scent and I have now decided to write about my favourite evening scent (although it's a bit trickier than just day and night). During the day I love to smell fresh and uncomplicated, but during the (fancy) evening I don't mind a heavier and more sophisticated scent.
Although Burberry isn't typically as hyped as other high end brands it is certainly not forgotten about - in fact it has its own clientele that will never abandon the sweet hills of Burberry (where did that come from?). My favourite evening scent is called "Weekend" and I got it from my mum one day since she wasn't using it, when I finally checked the price (err, today?) I found off their site that the 50 ml bottle costs £38 (and most likely a lot more where I am).

The description says that the scent is sheer with top notes of tangerine, tree sap and Reseda plant, heart notes of wild rose, peach blossom, iris and hyacinth together with a subtle splash of nectarine with a finish low note-touch consisting of cedar wood and sandalwood.

I love how this smells on me, while the scent is rather "heavy" (as most perfumes are) it is still very fresh, in my mind it's quite luxe which I love about it. I don't use this too often and will usually whip it out for a nicer occasion (such as a fancy dinner or when I want to make a good first impression).

Perfume is an item that will last you for a long time (if not overused), and with a lovely bottle they can make up for part of the decoration in your home.

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