My Halloween Arsenal

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I really do not have a lot of Halloween make-up at all, I use what little I have to create the gory and scary effects and then use regular make-up as I would any other day. Truth be told you can get past Halloween with a smashing look without face paint or wax - you just need to get creative.
This is a regular kids' face paint set and doesn't cost a lot, the glow in the dark fangs make you drool like nobody's business and the sponge is since long gone due to hygiene reasons (really, the entire thing should be chucked).

You really get what you pay for here and the colours are rather hard to work with when you use large amounts of it (for example, I did an Evil Pumpkin-look last year and it was hell applying the black over such large portions of my face), nevertheless it's actually fine for a beginner's set due to the price and you can easily create simple things like a small bruise - actually if I'm not mistaken the particular set I bought came with wax and fake blood.

The next things I have at home is this "Zombie Skin" by Fun World, this is cheap liquid latex (not to be mistaken for wax) which is actually really good! It dries rather quickly so you have to be fast but I can easily create cuts and wound with this and it works as an adhesive as well (I used this to glue on a beard and it held until I took it off). It has a distinctive smell and can make your eyes water if you use it too close to them, but that goes away.

The prized possession of my arsenal; these Scarecrow veneers are fairly pricey but are custom to your teeth and you can speak with these in. I have the small and more "realistic" ones which I love. These will last for years if taken care of properly.

I love looking at costume make-up and it's actually a shame that I don't have more of it as I really like dressing up (even if it's just in my room). Hopefully there's more to come!

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