Nivea: Express Hydration Primer

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Just like many other make-up nuts I believe in the power of a good primer (or at least I want to believe that there is a magical potion that makes my foundations and shadows last until the end of time - and beyond). The last primer I tried for le visage was from Nivea and was a mix of lotion and primer.
I really had high hopes for this, I don't really know why though because I hadn't read anything about it except for an ad in a newspaper. Nevertheless, I got this just when the summer begun and used it for a few months. The description basically says that it can be used as a primer for a smooth base or just as a lotion for moisture.

This definitely has a primer feel and mattifies the skin a bit, though much like a lot of primers it can "coil" if you rub your fingers over it and create little "worms". A big nono happened after about a month and a half where I'd used it as a lotion and not just a primer - I started to break out. Though it was most likely to the odd AC-air within the part-time office I worked in I couldn't risk it so I stopped using it.

My skin is fine now but I definitely don't use it every day. However, since I have a foundation at home which is actually a bit too light for me I'll mix two pumps of it together with a blob of this and I'll get a nice sheer finish with a little bit of coverage.

I guess I'll have to keep searching high and low for the perfect primer.

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