Percy & Reed: Splendidly Silky Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner

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Percy & Reed was a whim-interest for me, I'd read about them in a beauty magazine and instantly decided that I wanted to try it, unfortunately they're quite expensive in comparison to the fact that I get most basic haircare products for little to nothing - fortunately it was my birthday around that time, and my wonderful sister got the shampoo and conditioner for me.

This shampoo and conditioner retails for about £14 each, now I'd definitely say that that's a lot to charge for something used to frequently for most people but then again these packages are quite large and will last you a long time. These haircare products promise to add gloss and moisture to parched locks with blueberry extract and sweet almond milk.

There are quite a few good reviews out there so I was keen on trying these. The first thing that struck me when I tried them was that they have a really odd scent, not at all as pleasant as most haircare products tend to be and I never looked into it (but maybe they're unscented?). The second thing that struck me was that the shampoo didn't lather especially well although it is stated on Percy & Reed's site that you're supposed to work it into a rich lather - I had to use quite a lot of product to achieve it. The third thing was that even though I rinse my hair thoroughly, and despite the fact that my locks did look quite good, my scalp felt greasy or as if I couldn't get the conditioner out of my hair, if I rubbed my fingers against my scalp there would be a clear conditioner-scent to them.

All in all I wasn't at all satisfied with these products, and after I'd used them it felt as if my hair had been damaged because it was noticeably dryer then it had been before. Upon further research I found that other people with curly hair had had issues with these as well - either you like this or you don't, and it seems as if people with straight hair will have it easier with it.

As a final word I would just like to say that I love the packaging of the product, they're very clean and chic in my opinion.

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