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I Googled around for some inspiration and found a fun little "tag" on the blog frmheadtotoe, so without further ado.
Fit Me® Shine-Free Foundation
Why don't I use these more often?
1. Name a beauty regimen that you rarely do?
I rarely wear foundation, in ratio to the amount of brushes and skin-related make-up products I have it's ridiculous, but even when I had really bad skin issues I didn't wear foundation and that's always stuck with me - wearing foundation all the time can be clogging and bad for the skin, so wearing something a lot lighter is recommended if you just need to even out your skin tone.

Foundation = special occasion.

2. Is washing your make-up brushes something you do regularly?
Both yes and no, it's not good to over-wash the brushes but I can admit to being a bit lazy sometimes, of course the brushes I use the most also get to spend the most time in the sink. When I clean them I use shampoo/conditioner or soap.

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
Not very long, I think it looks terrible when they've chipped and instead I find myself pulling off the bits that are starting to loosen up, but I'm fairly quick in removing it all together. Honestly, I'm not that big of a nail-person, I just want them to look natural and healthy (which, of course, they don't).

4. How long will you put off/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?
It depends on what it is, if we count skincare as beauty then I won't wait long at all and I will restock before I've finished the product, if it's make-up related then I'll wait a longer time. I usually just have everything I need at home though since I don't use copious amounts at one time.

5. What is your worst beauty habit?
I actually had to think about it for a while, because I don't really think I have any terrible habits, though I am pretty strict about people touching my stuff. I don't like it when I go to look for something and something is missing or isn't in its place.

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
I believe in doing things straight away, but I guess cleaning might be one of them, which is strange since I hate having messy surroundings.

7. When going out somewhere, do you put off getting ready to the last minute?
Never! I love taking my time to prepare and I do it in time so I don't have to rush.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?
Definitely, it would be crazy for me to spend more than I have even though I want to try everything out there. I've always been very concious regarding my budget - I'm more than happy to use what I have.

9. How organised are your make-up and nail polish collections?
I love organisation! Although, at first glance things might look a bit messy in my make-up stash I always know where everything is and it is arranged in brushes/concealers/lipsticks/shadows etc..

I hope I'm not the only bad beauty-lover.

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