The 88 Palette

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Have you ever really yearned for a large palette of eyeshadows instead of a bunch of small ones, yet you find that either the price is too high or the cost of shipping is crazy? Well, if you're not as concerned about the brand of it then a little research will show you that "original 88 palette" that a lot of people own under different brands (not naming specifics), are actually similar if not the same.

It's because they are.

Using my good friend Google I found through a lot of forums and various sites that these generic palettes are actually mass-produced in China and labelled once they reach their destination - in other words; if you're economically aware and find that you're not as arsed by the name of the product then you can get it a lot cheaper on, say, eBay - I bought my 88 palette from British eBay and didn't have to bother with the ridiculous cost of shipping from the US.
Screenshot from eBay

If you're unsure if you can trust the seller or not, then eBay offers reviews and statistic of the seller.

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