The power of a mask

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When it comes to Halloween, masquerade parties, costumes . and just playing dress-up in general - there are the overachievers, the "I'm-too-lazy-to-make-anything-proper-but-everyone-will-be-in-a-costume" and the ones that show up in their regular clothes (boo).

Are you a lazy person? A cheap mask will be your greatest friend. You can easily get a mask for a small amount of money and that alone can stand as your look. You can personalise it to your liking or keep it plain - you can even invest in a really fancy mask to keep for years on end.

Wish to make it stand out even more? Put on make-up! Make your eyes intense behind the mask or take the opportunity to wear a really bold lip.

Dust your eyelashes with white, the lack of contrast will make you appear paler.

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