Today I want to be...

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I don't have anything specific to write about today, so I'm just randomly putting into words what my make-up will usually will be all about: a theme.

I rarely just put on make-up without any type of thought into it, even though the look might be extremely minimalistic there's usually an idea in there, or some kind of story. For example, when we had my sister's going-away-to-Japan party I did my make-up in white and red, just like Japan's flag - that doesn't mean that the translation was literal - it was just a... thought. When I the other day (week?) felt like doing a 50's look I went for bold lips and winged eyeliner.

Usually, it will either be about what I'm inspired by, or what I see in the colours.
Estée Lauder Pure Color 5 Color EyeShadow Palette
What do you see in the Estée Lauder-palette? (Off the record, something I'd like to own).

Today, I went for the evil scientist/Catching fire type of look with dark eyebrows, dark lips and a golden/orange eye shadow with eyeliner - writing it down it sounds crazy.

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