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I'd like to welcome you to my very own blog, this little space in the vast land of the internet will be about the world of beauty seen from my perspective, so here's a little something to get me started:

High End or Drugstore?
Well, like many other people I don't have all that much to spend on make-up (unfortunately) so many of the products I use are regular drugstore type and the odd expensive product. I have a fairly good arsenal of make-up so many of the posts will be about what I have and what I can come up with.

Favourite style of make-up?
Anything Halloween and masquerade! I love dressing up and I watch a lot of YouTube videos that feature dress-up. In fact; this year I did a few Halloween looks just because and my final look was Captain Jack Sparrow (which I actually won a prize for).

Do you read other blogs?
Not only do I enjoy putting on make-up, I also like reading about it as well as art and photography (and personal blogs of my friends) - so of course I feature a few of my favourite blogs - you'll find them the bottom of the page!

I don't want to give everything away at once, but there's plenty more to come! Make sure you keep yourself updated for more on beauty.

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