Cheap Beauty / Boxing Day Sale

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I'm not really sure of what to call it, but the literal translation of what we'd say is "middle day sale" which is a period after Christmas where things are a lot cheaper than they normally are (the closest thing I can think of is the sale during boxing day). Ironically only the bag was on sale.

I was out and emergency hunting for things to use during New Year's Eve since I'm going out with my friends and since I've been loving the gold trend (and my lipstick will be kind of... purple) I thought I'd get a hold of a golden eyeliner, the one I bought is from H&M and would be about £4.

I've been hearing a lot of the Beauty Blender but it's quite pricey, so I bought the Blender Baby from UBU for about £5 and the packaging is sealed which means you know that no one's been touching it. Finally, the bag was half price so that was nice. (I translated the prices so it's probably cheaper in other countries).

I wish I wasn't so picky about what I buy, but I know some stores will be doing a half off-half off soon!

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