Christmas Beauty Loot of 2013

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This Christmas; my mum went above and beyond when it came to my gifts (as always, but I only really had one or two expensive things on my otherwise short list, I told her I just thought it was fun to open things up and that it could basically have a toilet roll).

My sister is in another country, but I sent her skincare products, and as for my mother; she was gifted with various things such as French skincare products, a water boiler (because the other one broke a long time ago and you really start to appreciate the boiler when it takes you 20 minutes to prepare tea), facial masks and some lame things that were basically fillers (but that she appreciated).

Eek! YSL lipstick in Violet Incognition

I actually got a lot more stuff (like a Swarovski-set of earrings and necklace and jeans amongst other things), but they weren't directly beauty related, however, I can't being to tell you how thrilled I am about everything!

Christmas is wonderful! My mum is wonderful!

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