Dance Recital Make-up

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Dance recitals, or any type of stage performances, demand a lot of make-up - because once that spotlight hits you it will make you lose a dimension (i.e. make your face flat).

It's never "too much" on stage
Yesterday was the round-up of this semester's dance classes, and since I have a VIP membership I attend all of the classes (except for ballet and pole dancing, which isn't included) = I needed my make-up to last through sweat and strain.

The best tip I have - do your (exaggerated) make-up like you normally would, then powder like there's no tomorrow. The powder will basically stop anything from coming out of your pores for a while - and ultimately make you sweat through other places - just don't forget to do a proper cleansing at night (I used a cotton mask with tea tree oil and water afterwards).

The eyes is all about adding extra depth - I used a white (Sleek) primer base and then packed on white eye shadow on the lid and deepened the crease with dark brown and black - I tightlined the entire eye and then used L'Oréal Paris' Carbon Black Mascara (which is kind of a disappointment to be honest) for "more" lashes.

Today is the last day of dance for both the semester and the year.

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