Empty Products #2

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Here we are, yet again - and I have two "new" empty products for you, all haircare related (I'm still on the lookout for a really great haircare product for curly and dry hair - if you have any suggestions, then please - give me!)

102 Dry Hair Shampoo 250 ml 96 dpi_B_v2125 Dry Hair Conditioner 250 ml 96 dpi_B_v2

SACHAJUAN: dry hair shampoo & conditioner

Since I really like their Hair Repair and their Hair Oil I found this to be a huge disappointment -the products claim to be extremely replenishing and nurturing for dry hair - but ironically I found this to make my hair even drier - whilst it did keep my hair dry, it preserved my curls (plus).

I wasn't too generous with the amount of product and tried all kinds of methods (only using the shampoo on my scalp and only using the conditioner on the lengths), but I've always found that if I can't use the products on my entire scalp and hair then there's no point in it for me - it just won't cut it

Unfortunately, I actually rather like the smell (although it's not as pleasant as the Hair Repair and Oil), but there are just too many negatives - the bottle is a hassle and I much rather would have preferred a pump.

Disappointing haircare that I'd really like to care for.

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