Haircare Experiment: Castor Oil & the first impression

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I've heard a lot of things about Castor oil - amongst others that it's incredible for hair growth (I have very slow growing hair, as we speak my hair has never been far below my shoulders, plus it's curly so any growth takes a long time to be noticeable).

So, back to the point:
Scent: Just sniffing it straight from the bottle I honestly thought it smelt like fish food, but when I applied it I started thinking that it smelt more like wood (not anyone in particular, but like a dry kind of... not-special... wood).

Texture: Very thick and not at all as runny as other, common oils (Olive etc.), it's quite hard to work into the hair but at the same time I think it's good because that means it doesn't go everywhere as you're trying to apply it.

Application: As previously stated; this oil is very thick and almost rubbery - I sectioned my hair across the scalp (forehead and back) and put it on my fingers (this allowed it to "melt" a bit from the heat from my skin) and then I massaged it onto the scalp - after which I combed it through - I did this all across my scalp, then I flipped my hair forward and applied it to the back of my head - I finished by combing it all through and putting it into a ponytail. I left it so while I did a bunch of other stuff (some people say an hour, some people say through the night - so it all varies).

In the end it was very easy to wash out with shampoo.

Some people get eczema and some people get very dry hair and/or scalp after using this - this is not a uniform effect since some people have no side-effects  -  so it's not definite.

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