My favourite lipstick

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I was gone for two days but for a good reason! To make it up to you I'd like to share my favourite lipstick in the world.
Rouge à lèvres : L'Absolu Nu, Maquillage des lèvres Maquillage
Lancôme's L'Absolu Nu est trés, trés magnifique! Just like the name suggests it's a "nude", by that I mean sheer and it can be applied once for a sheer tint of colour or with a few more layers for a bit more colour (the important thing to know is that this won't get opaque). I never find myself reapplying often.

The packaging is stylish in black and grey with a magnetic cap that makes sure it never falls off and crushes the lipstick (argh!) which would really grind my gears since it's a £22 lipstick on their UK page (and of course it's even more expensive here).

This particular lipstick I received as a Christmas gift in a shade that my never crossed my mother's mind until I told her - my shade is in 101 Corail Evanescent which has an orange tone, and orange tones generally complements tan skin very well (I'm not biased at all, it's not like I own a bright orange dress at home).

I don't wear this lipstick a lot and it's because I like it too much! Usually I wear for special occasions and family gatherings (I do the very same thing with jewellery).

I know a lot of people dislike the scent (rose?) but I love it!

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