Santa Lucia

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Santa Lucia (or Saint Lucy, or Sankta Lucia) is a very big thing here, we celebrate the day (December 13th) with a bam and a Lucia procession is held in many places.
The lights will be completely turned off and Lucia will come in first of all with a candle wreath on her head, she will wear a red sash to symbolise the martyrdom she went through, after her the maids will walk with sparkles in their hair and a lit candle in their hands and then star boys. They will all start to chime into "Santa Lucia" and people will quietly watch them make their way through the room.

The group will stop and they will singfor a few minutes of how it is dark but light will soon come again, then they will sing "Santa Lucia" once again and go out.

Syncretism can be beautiful, especially considering the fact that Santa Lucia is mainly Roman-Catholic and this place is Lutheran.

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