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For the longest of times I didn't have any means of contouring my face (occasionally I'd use my summer foundation), because the issue is that basically all the powders that they sell here are either by high end brands and are very expensive, or they are by reasonably priced brands that don't carry a shade that is dark enough (apparently my skin tone is a contouring shade for paler people).

Guess how happy I was when I walked into a Superdrug and saw that Sleek has contouring kits dark enough to not be used as a highlighter on me.

Sleek's Face Form in "medium" is a palette with three types of product - contouring, highlighting and a bronzer (for light and fair they come with a blush instead of a bronzer).

Contour (right on finger, left on hand): The powder is smooth and without grains of glitters (just as it should be - contouring should never be sparkly) Whilst in the store I was kind of intimidated by how dark the product appeared to be, but as you can see from the swatch the contouring powder doesn't really show up on my hand - I really think I should have gone for "dark" instead.

Highlight (middle, middle): The highlight isn't anything particular in my opinion, it gives off a subtle glow and doesn't show up too much in flash photography (which is good, you don't want to end up with blotches of light on you face). Just because I don't think it's an extreme wow-factor doesn't mean I don't like it, but for some reason I'm just not that big of a highlight girl (though, I'll typically highlight my cheekbones).

Bronzer (left on finger, right on hand): Even though I'm not a regular user of bronzer (I'm naturally tan and glowy - insert wink smiley) I really like this one - I think it has the best pigmentation out of the three products and it's quite natural on the cheeks (except for the obvious fact that normal people don't sparkle).

All in all this is a really great product, for £9.99 I think it's a steal.

I can't get a hold of Sleek in any store here what I've noticed, but I love looking at their products when I'm in the UK.

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