Why do I have this? #1

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I'm so confident that I have and will have several products that I have no idea why they are in my collection that I'm deciding to put a number behind the title.
Sympathy by FACE Stockholm

When it comes to the brand I don't really have any type of interaction with it, I do have a light blue bag at home that I got (/took?) from my grandma, but back to the issue - this little container (I actually have a different packaging) of shimmery... something has been around for a while and I think I got it from my sister - though it's n ot very pigmented and no matter how much I use there never seem to be an indentation in the product (not that I've used it all that much since I don't know what to do with it).

I decided to find out, once and for all, what this product is and here's where it gets a bit strange. When I get to the site the product is listed under highlighter but as a subcategory of eyes. I don't know if it's just faultily labelled/categorised because when I check the backside of it it says "highlighter"

The description says it's a "velvety, cream shimmer for every spot you wish to illuminate; face, décolletage or shoulders", it also says that it perfect for brow and cheekbones, that it can be applied with the fingertips, a sponge or a nylon brush and finally that it can be layered underneath powder products for a deeper colour.

Whatever this is (it's a highlighter now, and possibly a primer), I'm going to try to start using it.

Waste sucks!

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