5 Faves: 2013

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So 2013 has gone and we welcome 2014, but before I leave the forlorn and go forth with the coming beauty editions I would like to take a moment to speak of my five favourites of 2013. No particular order.

2013 has been packed with a lot of goodies for me, and being a loon for lipstick two of my favourite products this year is just that: 3 Violet Incognition from YSL that I got for Christmas this year (it's very moisturising and buildable) and and 101 Corail Evanescent from Lancôme that I got last Christmas.
One of my daily beauty essentials of the year (I've used this one during the majority of days gone by) is Cherry In The Air by Escada. It's just such a wonderfully fresh and light scent that it's impossible for me not to like it. The bottle is quite cute too, not too flashy.
contour brush
The Core Collection Contour Brush from Real Techniques is one of my all-time favourite brushes; it get's the contour of the cheek well and isn't too flimsy so I can easily blend out without any troubles.
Löst pärlemorskimmer
There are probably a billion things that can go into my top favourites, but what comes to mind is this Nacres Libres from Yvres Rocher (I have it in bronze). The bottle is terrible because it's glass but I love to layer it over a black eye shadow for a nice effect - it sparkles beautifully.

I have a soft spot for all things beauty, and here's to a beautiful 2014 - cheers!

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