Haircare Experiment: Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Biotin

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It's been a while since I last wrote a post (let me sum it up: school, tariff, uaauauhghgh), but here's a little update on how my current haircare story is going:

My mum went honeybee (sweet) on me and bought a pair of odd-print stockings and a hair treatment for me (we are sale-shoppers so this was awesome for the both of us) and I got myself a hair oil - having curly hair (which is generally a very dry hair type) means it loves oils and gets a gorgeous gloss from it, and hopefully I'll get Rapunzel-locks in no-time.

For a period of time my head looked like this three times a week.

The whole Castor oil-thing didn't go very well, I used it for about 5 weeks but because my hair had been so torn from a previous cut (which didn't get all of the split ends out which meant a big chop-chop) I couldn't see if my hair had grown or not - I can say that it was pretty nice on my scalp, I don't typically suffer from dandruff but it felt nice anyway and my roots feel soft (or is that just me?).

Ledins Silica Plus

I'm also taking this crap to see if it does anything for skin, hair and nails (as it says on the box). It has a bit of all that goodness that we like (biotin, zinc and etc.).

Here's to noticeable results!

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