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On my New Year's post I got a request for a tutorial on how I do my winged eyeliner, something as simple as a line can change your entire eye shape and is, in my opinion, one of the best things you can learn as someone interested in make-up.

I rarely wear a full make-up because I wear glasses every day and can't really be arsed to wear contacts, but when I do take the time for a little something-something I tend to go for an eyeliner, because it doesn't clash with the frames and won't make my eyelashes scrunch up against the glass (*cough, cough* mascara) it's a great go-to look for people with glasses.

I used:
  • Felt-tip eyeliner
  • Q-tip
  • Tape

Here I've drawn three lines, the first one is with a piece of tape, the second one is with the tip and the last one is a bold line with the entire nib. On the second picture I've pulled off the tape - notice how precise the line can become even though it was smeared on in the first frame.

For an everyday-liner I don't wear anything but the eyeliner (no eyeshadow). I suggest looking up when you place the line, because if you look down the line tend to become horizontal rather than pointing upwards. If your lines aren't straight then simply take a Q-tip, moisten it and sharply drag over the edge.

Tip: Using a felt-tip eyeliner is rather hard - if you do, then I suggest trying to work in one direction instead of back and forth because it will smear the work that has already been done.

This is the best trick in my opinion; placing a piece of tape where you want your line to go (I usually place the tape from the corner of my eye to (a little above) the edge of my eyebrow). Having a piece of tape is excellent for the shaky-handed one, this way you only have to focus on the line being straight on the upside of the line. When you're done, you simply pull of the tape and voilà - straight line.

Tip: When doing a full eye-look I never extend the eyeshadow beyond the eyeliner, the tape-trick works excellently because if you screw up your eyeliner (which comes last) it's very hard to fix. Using tape will give you confidence in drawing lines.

This is the easiest, and my favourite, way of lining the eye - an angled liner and an eyeshadow (I suspect I would prefer gel eyeliners to other liners). The angled brush is firm and fairly shorts which makes it easier to keep the line sharp.

Tip: Wetting the brush a little before using it will make the colour intenser.

It can be a little hard to get the liner between the lashes, but if you don't it will look as if it's floating above the lashline - I suggest tight-lining with a black kajal

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