IsaDora: Jelly Kiss

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I'm sorry for my absence (education is calling my name), so hopefully this review of a lipstick will settle at least part of the debt.
IsaDora is probably one of the Top Budget Brands in my opinion, because they usually deliver when it comes to pigmentation and I know the image of this Jelly Kiss-lipstick in "72 Pink Crystal" is close to terrifying - but it really isn't pigmented.

"Why would you want an unpigmented lipstick?!" you might ask and my answer is that it should me a must for everyone with a collection of make-up - this lipstick is very, very sheer and you can't really build it up (hint: jelly) except for with a very light touch of colour, this makes it ideal for when you have dry lips!

All in all this is a really handy lipstick, and I do prefer it to a regular chapstick in case I'm moisturising my lips on top of another colour. It's perfect for when I have a bold, but drying, lipstick - I can slap this on top of the colour for extra moisture (though I only use it on a lipstick with a similar colour just in case).

A very handy thing to have in your arsenal.

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