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I got a request to talk a little about my face-related make-up, personally I think the face is the best part of whatever make-up I'm doing - it's definitely the largest part to "paint" and there are just so many things to do with it.

This is roughly everything I have at home for the face, it varies how much I use everything and what I use the least is probably the powder products - I think liquid foundations give off a more natural look since most powders tend to settle into fine lines.

The Fit Me-Stick from Maybelline is basically a good shade for me (it can come off as too light) and I really do think that it helps to mattify the skin. The Clinique Superbalanced, which is my summer-foundation, is not full coverage but gives off a beautiful finish. (The foundation in the pot is actually one I mixed myself from a too-light foundation and a moisturiser).

I don't use the Sheer Cover Studio (in golden/almond, but I could actually use a shade darker) foundations all that much, but every now and then I'll use it to hold my liquid foundation (for dance recitals etc.).

The Sheer Cover concealer (medium/tan) is a lightweight concealer and Make Up Store Easy Cover-concealer in Lapsang is a heavy one. I use both of them underneath my foundations because they don't totally match me.

Face Form from Sleek is for my contour when I wear a full-face make-up, but I can use the highlight for a naturally glowy finish sometimes. The bronzer I might actually use as a blush.

Studio HD Blush from E.L.F is very pigmented, I have to act fast and rub it out with my fingers or else it will get a very unnatural look.

I got the  Estée Lauder Double Wear from my mum (it was a gift from a shop), I love the mascara and I use the concealer as a highlighter (it gives a very interesting sheen).

Part of the brushes I own.

Here you can see the difference the brush(/sponge) makes when it comes to foundation - the pointed and flat foundation-brush paints on the foundation and will, in my opinion, give a fuller coverage. The second brush is a BB-cream brush and is small and compact, you can stipple on the foundation for a nice and sheer/medium coverage but the brush is fairly small. The third brush is a flat top powder brush but I like to use it for foundation, it gives a slightly heavier coverage than the BB brush, it's also good for blending in foundation on larger areas. The final way of applying foundation for me is a sponge, this sponge wasn't moist but this is the type of finish it will give - very sheer (it can be built up) - this one gets into nooks and crannies very well.

That's a "little" about my face-up, the skin is probably my favourite part.

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