Nails and Orange

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So now comes the sale-period after the Boxing Day-sale; the winter-is-almost-over-sale (love it), unfortunately it's been a rather drab selection of discounts but I've managed to find two things so far.

Trind Keratin Treatment kit  - The kit wasn't on sale (damn it) and since I've already been waiting for it to get discounted I've given up. I've always had terrible nails and last year when I used a nail strengthener and oil they got a little better, so hopefully I'll see results. I don't necessarily want my nails to get long, I just want a healthy, smooth, and durable nail bed.

Oversized Jumper - I know some people claim that orange is a colour for everyone, but I really beg to differ as, just like red, it is a hard colour to pull off if you're not spot-on your shade. Virtually all Orange tones look great on most tan and dark skin tones but they get harder to match the lighter you are. Especially if you're fair and have a pink undertone you'd be doing yourself a favour to look into a shade that really suits you.

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