Dry vs Dehydrated

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Everyone experiences feeling extra thirsty some days, sometimes we feel a bit dry - no, scratch that, we feel dehydrated. I often hear a lot of people mistaking dehydration for dryness - why does it matter? Well, it's treated differently, because the cause is different. I am by no means a doctor (and take everything you read on the internet with a pinch of salt) but here are my two cents on the matter.
My analogy to this is that dehydration is when you're aching to get some water, whilst dryness is the fire-feeling. I would say that dehydration is temporary and can be battled by drinking a lot of water, whilst dryness doesn't. In prettier words: dehydration means no water, dryness means no oil - and as we all know - water and oil is not the same thing. Here's some advice on things that might work:

Generally, you don't want a fatty cream for the face (ever) - it will clog the pores - but for dry skin you might want to try something with an emollient in it. Use products marketed for dry skin, not dehydrated. Gentle oils can be kind on dry skin (but make sure they don't contain perfumes or unnecessary products, avoid alcohol). Using DYI routines with olive or coconut oil can be your best friend! If your skin is especially peeling you might want to try gently buffing the skin with either a cloth or an exfoliator, but be careful - don't do it around the eyes.

This type of skin needs to be properly moisturised - attempt a moisture "bomb" by pampering your skin with a moisture mask, serum targeted for moisture (budget wise I like the  Hydra Végétal from Yves Rocher which helps my skin whenever it's feeling a bit parched) and a good moisturiser. In general - you want to go for the products featuring water, cucumbers, and aloe.

Again, these are my own observations and Google research. I will always recommend dermatologist.

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