ELF: Studio HD Blush

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This is the the first and only product I own from ELF (make-up wise), the brand is known for being cheap (although their prices seem to have been rising?) and having hit-and-miss products. Here's a review of their Studio HD Blush in "Encore".
I don't like to apply pale colours to the cheeks, because I'm tan many of the blushes sold just make me look sickly, so I opted for this darker sort of mauvey tint - my first thought was "holy shit is this pigmented", and since the first several application consisted of a thick pastey liquid, which was hard to blend, I initially hated it - though it did give a nice flush of colour when successful.

After having used it several time the pastiness has gone away and it's now more of a watery consistency which is a lot easier to use - this is a blush I would recommend using with your fingers because it doesn't look quite as nice with a brush, plus it's hard to blend that way

It's an ok blush with a decent price that ends up looking a bit more natural than most powders.

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