Sleek: i-Divine Primer Palette

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For all of you wondering if there really is a reason to use a primer; look no further, here I have a little review of the i-Divine Primer Palette from none other than Sleek.

I did two looks: I actually did use a primer on the left one (Sheer Cover Base Perfector), but as you can see it didn't really pick up the pigment and is almost a little grainy - on the right I used the white primer (Moonshine) from Sleek, I used the same colours on each eye (except for the blue in the corner) and as you can see the green colour came off a lot stronger.

The colours are not matte but slightly shimmery although that mutes when putting on the powder product. I can pick up the product with a brush or my finger (finger is the fastest, brush packs on more) and it comes with a duo-brush although I prefer to use a flat one I have at home.

They don't have a clear colour in the pan, because these are used to bring out the colours that you are working with - if you're doing a very colourful look I'd suggest using Moonshine for a nice base, for a dark one I suggest Noir (black) - and for anything else I'd say play around. They all have names that you can see on a see-through sheet that comes with the palette.

The palette is a nice edition for a great strong-colour-no-creasing-look and at about £7.99 it's still cheaper than a lot of similar products. No matter what you should pack on the eye shadow for a nice pay-off, a primer won't magically add more pigmentation and isn't a miracle worker - if you have weakly pigmented colours then it won't do much.

For a pan-colour payoff you should always use a white primer, it ensures that your eyeshadow is as true to colour as possible.

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