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I recently got a question asking for some advice regarding dark circles underneath the eye, while I am far from an expert on the matter (in fact, I actually don't have a lot of issues regarding the eye area - disregarding the fact that I am blind without corrective aid) I have taken it upon myself to try and find some alternatives for the people who suffer from this ordeal, here are some tips.

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Possible causes

Lack of sleep

The average body requires 7-8 hours of sleep (some more, some less) - if you don't get this vital rest your body starts to prioritise where energy goes (organs etc.) and sometimes blood circulation gets the boots which can make you appear paler - which in return causes darkness to become more apparent underneath the eyes.

Solution: Get sleep

Rubbing of the eye

Are you starting to feel that scratch in your eye? Well - don't do it! Overly rubbing your eyes can actually have a bad effect on your poor skin, imagine falling down on plastic floor and getting a friction burn.

Solution: Don't do it! Some people actually scratch their eyes during their sleep, this trick tells you to wear a thick eye mask (if you wake up without it on then I have bad news for you).


Our bodies require its fair share of water and not only can dehydration cause darkness underneath the eyes but it can also cause dry mouth, fatigue, and death.

Solution: Stock up on water! If you get thirsty then that's your sign.


Yes, unfortunately some people suffer from hyperpigmentation underneath the eyes which is basically your body being a bit too active with the melanin (some people notice it after sunbathing).

Solution: This is usually something I would call a no-no, but a very light exfoliation could be the cure or investing in a specific spot treatment for pigmentation - ask for one specifically for the eyes, for the bathers I suggest investing in sunscreen for your eyes or a pair of sunglasses. Pigmentation can be quite a hassle to fix so a dermatologist could be the best decision for you if you have it bad.

Dry skin

Do you appear to have a lack of natural oils underneath your poor eyes? Maybe it's from that new cleanser or make-up remover? (Dry vs Dehydrated).

Solution: First, try to find out if your skin is naturally dry or if it's due to a product - if it's because of a product then stop using it, otherwise you might just be in need of a good eye cream. Remember that the skin underneath your eyes is very different from your normal skin - invest in a good cream that isn't too heavy. If you have crusty skin then a very light exfoliation can be a quick fix.


Is the darkness sparking up during the more pollen heavy seasons? Is your house infested by fungus? Look into your allergies!

Solution: If you're unfortunate enough to have allergies then the best thing to do is try to care for them as the darkness is a side effect of that.


Some people naturally have a darkness below their eyes and there's not much to do in that case other than to accept it, that also goes for people with deep-set eyes.

If you can't beat it:

Make-up will always be there for you my dear - try to find a slightly peachy and creamy concealer for underneath your eyes. Any old concealer won't do the trick, you want to combat the darkness and a salmon toned concealer can be your best friend - try to find one that isn't creasing on you. Here's a little compilation of what people are loving:

Touche Éclat

MAC - Mineralize Concealer
YSL - Touche Éclat
NARS - Radiant Creamy Concealer
Maybelline - Instant Age Rewind

Quick fix: If you suffer from puffiness or one of the ol' blood vessels is your enemy: fresh and chilly cucumber slices, tea bags or some cooled spoons on the eyes can be nice and soothing.

Everyone should be aware of the fact that darkness around eyes sometimes is an indication of other illnesses - I always recommend to see a doctor or dermatologist if you are worried!

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