Haircare Experiment: Marc Anthony (and Dove)

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I love my hair, I really do - it may be somewhat tangly, dry-ish and have a very slow growth rate - but I still love it, and my hair loves hair oils. What I'm not loving (how many times did I write that?) is the oil from Proffs, it's just too thin and doesn't seem to have any effect.
Marc Anthony Reparera Macadamia Oil Treatment
The latest in: Marc Anthony's Repairing Macadamia Oil Treatment which smells so good! It's borderline insane and leaves my hair smelling really nice (at least from what I tried in the shop, I'm still using up the other hair oil first).

I am very strict about moisturising my body (or "lotioning" as I refer to it sometimes - not to be confused with something else), so when my previous moisturiser ran out I was quick to purchase a new one - I love finding new ones, but it takes me forever to decide on a brand and product. This time Dove catered to my needs with Essential Nourishment (though, it says Body Milk on my packaging), although my skin isn't dry per se I find that it works the best if I treat it as such.

As for the supplements, it's going alright - my hair has grown out since my last chop and that's actually quite impressive for my head of locks.

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