Lancôme: La Vie est Belle

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If you have an interest in beauty I don't think it's possible to have missed Lancôme's perfume La Vie Est Belle, I have the 50 ml bottle that my dad got for me when he went through an airport, and considering the price tag in this country (around £78) I never would have got it for myself.
La vie est belle : La vie est belle - Eau de Parfum, Women Fragrance
This perfume contains Concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom, and (my favourite word) Patchouli Essence - and is advised to be used around the warm areas of the body; the wrists, under your earlobes, and (err?) behind the knees.

It is described as a feminine scent and I would agree; the scent is warm and definitely luxurious - this is a perfume so it does have an intense scent, this is why you should definitely not overuse it! Pressing one time is more than enough as it sits on the skin for the entire day (and possibly the next day), I could possibly even advise to "air" out the scent a bit.

Except for the strong scent (luxury negative) this settles so beautifully on the skin! It is a scent that can be worn at any time of the day but would go nicely with a fancy evening out. It's age range is fairly wide but would probably settle somewhere around "mature" because of the sleepy scent - nevertheless I wear this scent with pride because I really enjoy it.

Luxary in a bottle for people who like warm and sweet scents.

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