Makiash: First Impression

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So this Saturday I was away from home for several hours to go to an extremely large mall with two of my friends, we hung out, ate food, watched a fashion show, and spent way too much time at Sephora - during this time I also got the chance to have my make-up done by one a make-up artist from Makiash, a new brand with models in mind - because who knows more about make-up than models (to quote, off the top of my head I would say cosmetologists)?
MAKIASH is a new, high quality cosmetics brand offering a range of cosmetics using the knowledge and experience of international models. Our products are based on the latest cosmetics technologies developed in Europe by top manufacturers.
The site is accessible by invite only (which I happen to have) so I've browsed the page to see what they sell, its range is typical and covers products from face to nails. While I didn't see the names of all the products that were used on my face I managed to find some of them:

Primer, BB cream, Trio Concealer, bronzing powder/blush, Smoky Eye Pen, Mascara and lipgloss.

I'm not a completely certain about what shades were used but I have a very hard time imagining that I would be anything but the darkest out of the BB cream-collection since they don't carry a lot of shades (three, to be precise).

I was so disappointed in this brand, I've seen a couple of reviews (by models) and they're raving, which I think seems to be a bunch of crock! First of all the BB cream felt much too heavy on my skin after application and it felt tacky for quite a while, after about an hour on my face I went to check it and to my horror the concealer had creased badly underneath my eyes and the products were just sitting on my face rather than sinking in as it normally would do. To make matters worse the mascara had clotted which was annoying for my eyes - I accidentally pulled off (at least) three eyelashes from touching my eyes, I would never recommend a mascara that does that.

In conclusion, my first impression of this brand is bad, I would not call this high quality nor would I want to pay roughly £18 for a BB cream that is easily wiped off.


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