Aussie: Miracle Frizz Shampoo + Shine Conditioner + Recharge Luscious Long

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I've been using Aussie ever since I bought it in London last year (two bottles for washing, I don't go through them very fast now that I think about it) and have come to the bottom of them (or at least the conditioner, which always happens) and here are my thoughts.
For starters, I wash my hair three times a week - any more, and I destroy my already-on-the-dry-side-curly-hair, on top of that I don't use an excessive amount of product, which is probably why I don't go through them very fast. I got three products for £10.

This product promises to banish flyaway strands of hair and whatever frizz may come in your way, it contains extract of Australian Blue Gum leaves. As a shampoo I like it, the scent is quite strange but not unpleasant and it lathers up nice and quickly without having to waste too much product, I think it's perfect if you've been using an oil or anything similar in your hair because it gets it right out!

But, what about frizz? Sadly, no difference.

The promise is to deliver gloss and shine to each strand of hair on your head with extract from Australian Ginseng and Pearl Powder (strange scent) I'm not particularly impressed by this product but I'm not hating it. Although a bit contradiction, my curls have quiet a bit of natural talent in appearing glossy (even though they're both dry and frizzy), but this conditioner didn't do much to aid that, I got the impression that it sat on the hair rather than sunk in which may have been the problem (why was it a problem?!).

I thought the spray would be nice for detangling my hair with the sweet promises of Australian Jasmine extract - argh! I don't know what exactly it is, but something in this gives my hair texture, which is a big no-no! I only want something to smoothly sort out my curls if I brush it, on top of that it seems to leave some kind of residue behind, especially if it's used near the scalp - it never dries!

Will I ever find the product of my dreams?

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