ELF: Cream Eyeliner

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I'd rather wear eyeliner than mascara - the jig is up, that's the case. Since I frequently wear glasses it's easier for me to wear a liner rather than coating on mascara and then having my lashes press up against the glass. I've previously used dip liners and eyeliners in felt tip form - my latest conquest is this Cream Eyeliner.
For starters, I find this to be easily applied, it's smooth and creamy and it glides on just fine and leaves a sharp line if wanted. I'm not a big fan of the little brush that comes along with it, because it's handle is too small and the bristles are just a little too big for my liking. I do wish that it would be just a little bit glossier, but it's not a gel eyeliner so it's not to be expected.

As for being smudge proof... it's fairly durable but it won't last if you're rubbing your eye area too much, but it is quite resistant to water (which means it's a little harder to fix if you mess up, but it will last you longer).

All in all, I think this is a really neat product (especially for the £3.95 price tag and I think it would be a great step-in product for beginners!

Eyeliner is a staple product and I could easily get around with that and only that.

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