ELF: mini haul

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I've previously only owned two products from ELF and both of which I wasn't especially happy with and/or indifferent towards, but when I got home today I saw that a little package had landed on the floor, everything was £3.95 and I had a 40 % discount, so that was nice.

Small Stipple Brush
I really do hate their big stipple brush, but the small one is a lot better - granted, it's too small to use on the entire face but unlike the big one it isn't as flimsy, there's actually stability in it which means you can work with precision.

Complete Coverage Concealer
I'm a little disappointed that it isn't more creamy and easily worked with, because the shades are absolutely beautiful and natural-looking as contour on my skin tone but even as a concealer it's a bit too hard in my opinion. Nevertheless, I like the tones and I will be working with it.

Cream Eyeliner
Such a surprise to me! I actually like this one, it's not too cakey and not too runny - just perfect, but the brush handle is much too small to get a perfect grip around (see first eye picture).

Angled Eyeliner brush
What the accompanying brush lacks this one makes up for - the brush is thin but hard enough to not bend too much and the handle is long enough to get some distance (see second eye picture).

I'll try to get some more time with these products so I can formally make up my mind.

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