Nail Care Routine

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Ever since I started to really tend to my nails I've seen a huge improvement, from being in extremely poor shape with minimal nail growth they have now become... well, less terrible. Here's my current routine:
zoom1-65680Keratin Nail Restorer

Yves RocherAnti-Breakage Nail Strengthener (£10.50)
I only use this at night as the first step of the nail routine, it is supposed to help you nails become less brittle and since my nails have become better in general I'm assuming that it isn't a complete waste, if it is then it actually softens up the cuticles and lets me push them back which is great in itself - dry cuticles are not pretty.

Essie: Apricot Cuticle Oil (£13~)
The Easter Bunny (a.k.a. mum) placed this in an Easter egg for me, I've been wanting this for so long but the price tag here is quite hefty (it's not this expensive anywhere else, this country is ridiculous). I told her that I really wanted it for my birthday (in June) but she was such a sweetheart and got it for me on Easter! It's an apricot scented (duh) oil that you rub into your cuticles to help soften them up, I use the excess over my nails - so far so good! Applied twice a day for the best improvement!

Trind: Keratin Nail Restorer
This is like a conditioner for your nails, you can apply it whenever you want and I especially like it if my nails are feeling particularly dry after a lot of dish washing (or bathing). Quite heavily scented but it goes away quickly, I've almost used it up and it feels nice. When I do my night routine this one comes last to seal in all the goodies.

I wish I had perfect nails.

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