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It's been about 80 days since I bought this expansion to my nail treatment-collection (literally 80 days, I I checked a relating post and used Google because I'm too lazy to count). So, I'm here to give you a piece of my mind regarding Trind's Keratin Treatment Kit.
Keratin Nail RestorerKeratin Nail Protector
This is like some sort of hybrid treatment-polish, it leaves a glossy coating on the nail bed which is there to protect it and lock in all of the nutrients from whichever treatment you use before it (of course, they recommend their own products). I haven't been as diligent with it, but I'm way too lazy to put on a coat and remove it every day (+ I only have acetone at home which is hard on the nails).

It claims to be nail strengthening which I'm not really sure of, but it does give a bit of protection from the everyday wear and tear that life usually comes with - unfortunately, it "dries" into some sort of rubbery gel, that means it is easily dented and crumpled (on the positive side, you can peel it off, but then again I'm not sure of how good that is for the nail).

The restorer has quite an interesting scent that I can't put down (is it or is it not awful?), that fades over time. It's easily applied and dries fairly fast. It feels nice on the nails and gives them a bit of moisture (great for nails that chip easily), I love that it can be applied whenever.

I can't think of anything negative to say about it, it's not some sort of miracle product that will magically solve all of your problems, but it gives your nails a bit of a boost if they're in poor shape (which mine are).

Something general is that I would prefer a wider and firmer brush, instead of a round and soft one.

What I can tell you is that ever since I started giving my nails some TLC they have been in a better condition.

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